1UP is part conference for gaming professionals and part gaming expo for players of all ages. With a never-before-seen spectacular decor, 1UP wowed its visitors as soon as they set foot through the doors.

The conference had international speakers from big studios informing our local developers of best practices and the expo had tons of games to play, from retro consoles to AAA releases while still giving ample focus to our local talent. And did we mention the amazing medieval themed catwalk?

Throughout the years, 1UP's Twitter & Discord have also become a home for all the Belgian videogame developers to read up about each other's updates as well as having their games discovered by the 1UP visitors.

Client1UP Conference & ExpoServicesCommunity Management | Social Media | Event ManagementYear2019 & 2020

The Pirate PR effect

⸺ Community Management

We built a Belgian gaming community from scratch

⸺ Social Media Management

We created all social media channels, with the 1UP Twitter account gaining nearly 5000 followers in less than a year and becoming the go-to place for Belgian game updates.

⸺ Event Management

Booth sales for the Belgian Indie titles and finding international speakers to talk at the conference.

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