Realm Architect is a new Virtual Tabletop solution with a modern and intuitive user interface. It completely changes the way you create and play campaigns, making it easier than ever before to set up entire worlds, and removing the time-consuming stress of preparing everything down to the most minor of details. 

Pirate PR helped Realm Architect launch their Kickstarter campaign. We helped with the copywriting for the Kickstarter, helped rebrand their tool with a new logo and key art and sent out a Press Release to Tabletop RPG outlets, informing them of the campaign's launch. Pirate PR was also given the wheel on their social media channels, just a few weeks before setting sail with the Kickstarter, and we reached incredible results in a short period of time, expanding their community with relevant contacts and even helping them network with other creators in the genre.

ClientRealm ArchitectServicesCopywriting | Brand Marketing | Press Release | Social Media ManagementYear2023

The Pirate PR effect

⸺ Copywriting

Pirate PR wrote the copy for the Kickstarter campaign, the backer tiers and various other locations where just a small change in the descriptive text helped warm people up to the project. The Kickstarter evoked confidence and trust from the backers and got funded within 48h after launching.

⸺ Social Media Takeover

Pirate PR was given the wheel to all of their social media accounts and alongside the existing team, we amplified the reach through networking with relevant creators, sharing key moments of their Kickstarter campaign with their followers and building a bond of trust through casual exchanges with other like-minded people in the community.

⸺ Brand Marketing

We looked at their visual assets and gave feedback on how to improve them, from using GIFs to some of the most important tools in their press kit: the logo redesign and a matching key artwork that conveys the intentions of the tool and evokes the feeling of embarking on an epic journey.

⸺ Coaching

We acted as a sounding board for the main people behind the project. Through several calls and meetings, we helped steer the project in the correct course and helped their Kickstarter get funded within 48h.

⸺ Press Release

We sent out a Press Release to existing contacts as well as newly scouted ones with an interest in D&D and TableTop RPGs so that they may cover the news of the Kickstarter. We put emphasis on the aspects that speak to this target audience like the involvement of Becca Scott and Jeff Cannata.

"Pirate PR has been instrumental in picking up the Marketing sides of things. Helping us when we needed it most, and always going above and beyond to make Realm Architect a success."
Nils Philips

Realm Architect

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