Trifox is a colourful and cartoonish action-adventure featuring a phenomenal fox with a multitude of talents! Choose from a trio of classes – Warrior, Mage, Engineer – or mix-and-match abilities to create a tailor-made hero! Inspired by the golden age of 3D platformers.

Pirate PR took control of their @TrifoxGame Social Media channels to ramp up the hype before the launch. We submitted the game for awards shows and we’re handling Review requests from our own list of press & creators, as well as on PressEngine, where it became the most requested game in a single day.

ClientGlowfish InteractiveServicesSocial Media | Content Creation | Influencer MarketingYear2022

The Pirate PR effect

⸺ Awards nominations

We submitted Trifox for various awards and took home a few top spots like Indie Game of the Show at Gameforce, third place at the Colors of Indies Award and an honorable mention at the Unfold Games Awards.

⸺ Beta & Speedrun organization

Pirate PR co-organized a beta-test for a handpicked list of creators. And we set up a speedrun contest in 2020 to great success. Shortly after the release this lead to Trifox being featured in GamesDoneQuick, which was one of the developers' bucket list wishes.

⸺ Boosting social media

We increased all social media statistics significantly and the effect was already noticeable after a single month. The @TrifoxGame Twitter account had several high-performing tweets, putting the game on the radar of players, press and content creators alike.

⸺ Content creation

We created high quality videos and images for their social media channels.

⸺ Press coverage

Trifox became the most-requested game on PressEngine in a single day and we received ~700 quality-verified review requests between their platform and our own mailing list.

⸺ Content Planning

We aligned with their publisher on important marketing beats, like when and how to tease the release date and updating all online presence accordingly.

" Pirate PR always strives for the best possible results with loads of energy and love for both the product and the community. It's been a pleasure having the extra set of hands to take care of the socials so we can focus on the product. "
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