Walibi Gaming is a 4-day event where the Belgian amusement park got transformed into a walhalla for gamers, with tournaments to participate in for games like Fortnite, Rocket League and FIFA and live sessions with meet & greets with famous local creators and esporters.

Pirate PR handled the Dutch press coverage by sending out the Press Release to our list of creators and press from the Netherlands and Belgium and helping them to organize giveaways for tickets, so their fans could attend the festivities as well.

ClientLev3l UpServicesPress Release | Consultancy | Influencer MarketingYear2022

What we did to help

⸺ Marketing Consultancy

Correcting the Dutch press release to optimize conversions and providing feedback on communications and forms.

⸺ Press Release

Distribution of the Press Release to our list of NL/BE content creators and press.

⸺ Influencer Marketing

We worked closely together with a few handpicked creators through personal channels.

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