Press release

We'll write an optimized press release, distribute it through our network and follow-up on all the responses. It's time to put your indie game on the map through news items, reviews, videos and interviews with the gaming press.

Review Key Management

We'll make sure that relevant journalists, reviewers and livestreamers get their hands (or their hooks) on your game so they can create the best possible coverage! We'll manage the Keymailer sites and steer your ship clear of any potential plunderers!

Coverage monitoring

From our crow's nest, we'll focus our monocular on seven seas of the internet to log all the coverage. You'll receive in-depth reports with a complete overview of all the content that has been created on your game.

Preparing to ship

Before we set sail and launch your press release or review key campaign, Pirate PR will check all your existing assets and accounts to make sure there aren’t any leaks in your hull.

  • We take a look (with our good eye, promise!) at your storefronts and give advice where needed
  • We keep an eye out for opportunities to submit for events & awards

Press Release

After many years of experience with gaming press & influencers, from both sides of the coin, we know exactly how to show up on the radar of influential journalists and content creators. We write an optimized press release, distribute it to our extensive network of Pirate PR contacts and external partners and we follow up on all the responses & opportunities.

  • Optimized press release in English, French and Dutch
  • Distribution in our ever-growing network of 6K+ high quality contacts
  • We send reminders to optimize conversion
  • Following up on responses
  • Live monitoring of media coverage
  • In-depth reports

Key Distribution

We send out key requests both to our own list of contacts as well as external key distribution sites such as Lurkit, Press Engine and Keymailer.

We carefully consider each application for a match with your title and filter out any potential plunderers. You will be able to see who’s gotten a key and when they’ve uploaded coverage in our interactive dashboard.

  • Personal outreach to relevant contacts
  • Setting up & managing key distribution platforms
  • Screening incoming key requests
  • Key distribution to approved creators
  • Monitoring media coverage
  • Relaying player feedback to dev team

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