A challenging strategy game with a clever time-manipulation twist, Oakenfold lets you undo your moves and use your newly gained insights to come out on top. Keep your supplies safe from the hostile Biocide invasion and try to escape our now-inhospitable planet.

Pirate PR informed the press of Oakenfold's nearing release and provided everyone that wanted to cover the game in more detail with review copies. We looked for new creators who had an existing affinity for tactical strategy games as well as roguelikes and reached out to existing contacts, both through our own network as well as various keymailer sites. We also gave advice to the developers on how to make better use of their existing social media channels.

Client Studio TaghuaServicesPress Release | Review & Video Coverage | Social Media AdviceYear2022

The Pirate PR effect

⸺ Press Release

We sent out a Press Release in 3 languages to existing contacts as well as newly scouted ones with an interest in tactical strategy games so that they may cover the news of the upcoming release.

⸺ Reviews & videos

We made sure all interested press & creators got hold of a review copy and weeded out any potential plunderers. We used our own list of quality contacts as well as PressEngine, Lurkit and KeyMailer.

⸺ Easier to find

We made it easier for creators to correctly tag Oakenfold, by making sure the YouTube category received the proper visual assets & we created the IGDB page for Twitch. We adviced on their Press Kit and storefront content and gave the developer tips on how to make the most of their social media channels

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