Pirate PR is an indie game marketing agency. With our compass pointing straight at your games’ success, we help developers and publishers to successfully ship their titles. We’ve seen too many great games sink before they even set sail because they neglected to market it properly. Let us plot your course and we’ll conquer the seven seas together! We’re Pirate PR. We put the 𝖆𝖗𝖗𝖗 in PR.  


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Why we do it

You’re making a game and you’re simply amazing at it! But how do you get your awesome game noticed by the players, press and content creators?

Marketing your indie game takes a considerable amount of time, effort and knowhow and you just want to focus on making the best game possible. That’s where we come in: you build the ship, we’ll navigate it through the murky waters of the internet and we’ll make sure everyone knows where your hidden treasure is buried!

How we do it

What sets us apart from the other marketing agencies? Only Pirate PR knows how to really reach your audience, because we arrr your audience. We’re players first, with years of experience as videogame journalists and content creators ourselves. We’ve got an undying love for indie games and will no longer stand idly by as hidden gems go unnoticed.  

We know exactly how your target audience wants to be addressed and how to persuade them to give your game a try. We’ve been on the receiving end of PR mails for years and know exactly which ones get skimmed over and which ones will get clicked to convert into views, wishlists and by Neptune’s beard, even sales!

Shipping Strategy

Shipping your indie game is an amazing moment, but you might want to wait with putting your feet up under the cooling shade of a palm tree. That well-deserved rest is coming, but the weeks before and after your game's launch may be the busiest yet. While you focus on plugging the leaks and ironing out any bugs, we’ll make sure your game steadies the course and will get the coverage it deserves. 


Need to get your game played to gather feedback at an in-person event? We’ll handle everything from submission, to your booth’s design, to travel and stay. We’ll even help man the booth and draw in onlookers to come check out your game over everyone else’s.

Community Development

So you’re making an indie game but you’re pretty much starting from scratch when it comes to building a community? Let us help you grow your audience where it matters most. We’ll check with you which big milestones need that extra push and what can be done to bring in more people to play and enjoy your game(s).

Community Management

Marketing your indie game isn’t a one-time thing. To stay relevant in a highly competitive market where multiple games release every day, maintaining an active community is more important than ever. Your players will report bugs (hopefully not too many) and they might have less than positive feedback, but we’ll try to turn that frown upside down and sway their opinions to change.

Influencer Marketing

A creator having fun with your game on YouTube or Twitch is the best thing that can happen to you, especially when setting up a partnership with the entertainer to really drive his or her audience to action. We’ll make sure there is a perfect match and that you’re aware of their schedules to even pop in and say hi. We’ll be right there with you, as we like nothing more than clipping their excitement and sharing it with the world. 

Coaching & Consultancy

Want to do your game marketing yourself? We can help you with that too! With regular coaching sessions, we sharpen your marketing skills and help you set up the best marketing strategy. 

We put the 𝖆𝖗𝖗𝖗 in PR

With our compass pointing straight at your games’ succes, we help developers and publishers to successfully ship their titles.


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