Painting VR puts you in an artist studio with an unlimited supply of paint so lifelike, you'll forget you're in a virtual world. Pick your preferred size canvas, choose from a wide selection of brushes and inspiring tools, dip in and start creating. It’s a hands-on, easy to understand VR painting tool aimed at all ages and levels of experience, no matter if you’re just getting started or a veteran VR-tist!

We helped Painting VR get ample coverage in the games media, both general outlets as well as specialized VR media. Through a Press Release and a call for Review coverage to press and content creators, we made sure the world knew the game was releasing and what it had to offer.

ClientOisoi StudioServicesPress release | Review Key Distribution | Coverage TrackingYear2022

Some of the coverage we received

“I’d say that the game is about as good as you’re going to get when it comes to virtual reality painting.”

Niche Gamer

“unique in its genre and therefore represents a must-have software if you love painting or want to delve into this world.”

Hot MC

“Overall, Painting VR is likely what many amateur and professional VR artists are looking for. Logging in and seeing paint on canvas, the different textures, and experimenting with tools is a unique experience that rivals creating art in real life.”

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The Pirate PR effect

⸺ Getting niche coverage

Pirate PR wrote a press release and distributed it to our own network of specialized gaming outlets.

⸺ Review key distribution

By contacting our own network and managing key mailing sites, we worked together with esteemed content creators.

⸺ Coverage report

A detailed coverage report didn't only include results of the marketing campaign, but also user feedback to improve the game.

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