Voxlands invites you to embark on a voxel adventure like no other, where every action shapes the narrative, and the voxel landscape becomes your canvas for both creation and destruction. Get ready to explore, fight, unravel, destroy, plunder, survive, and build your way to greatness!

An indie adventure that seamlessly blends FPS, RPG, survival, and building elements into a unique and visually striking experience, powered by its in-house raytraced voxel engine. Join forces with friends to craft your own narrative and conquer the voxel realms!

ClientVoxray GamesServicesSteam Next Fest Assistance | Social Media & Community Management | Press ReleasesYear2024

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"Voxlands hit 20K+ wishlists from close to zero with the help of Pirate PR. PR is not magic, you can't force media to pay attention to you, but Robby knows how to make the most from a very reasonable budget, worth every penny"
Wouter van Oortmerssen

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