How to get your tweets to preview on Discord? And where to share them!

Well. Twitter certainly has been a mess as of late. It’s been renamed to X, you can no longer post your sweet screenshots & video captures straight from your Xbox or PlayStation (and Nintendo Switch will probably follow too) and now you’re pasting your tweets in Discord or other locations, and it won’t properly preview the video or image and the Tweet text.

This is what it looks like if you just copy/paste the URL on Discord:

good luck getting people to interact with that…

How do I get my tweets to display correctly?

Simply change the main URL from “” or “” to “”!
Like this:

That’s much better!

Yep, it’s really that simple. But that wouldn’t be much of an article, so we’ve added some bonus info for you below like which Discords are great for indiedevs to share their updates to!

Why is it important?

People will rarely click on a link without any context. If you’re sharing your hot new tweet on your own Discord or sharing it in some indiegame communities and want people to like it or even retweet it, then they’ll need to see the preview. This simple fix makes sure that works again and it’s low effort!

While I’m here, what are some great Indiegame Discords to join?

Glad you asked! Here’s a list of Discords that doesn’t mind you self-promoting and will actively have other devs and lovers of indiegames who would be happy to help signal boost your tweets. They are also a great resource to see what other devs are doing and they’ll share tips that help with your marketing!

The names are clickable and will bring you to their discord. The # below are the channels we advise posting in.

  • Trends for Indies πŸ”—
    • Good for finding tips on what’s trending on Twitter & TikTok
    • #Share-your-stuff
    • #Like-and-share-this
  • The Indie Brewery πŸ”—
    • Shares talks & good-to-know info
    • #Showcase
  • How To Market A Game πŸ”—
    • One of the best resources for marketing your game (it’s in their name!)
    • Useful event list so you don’t forget about awards or showcases
    • #Self-promo
    • Good for sharing all kinds of channels: Youtube, socials, Kickstarter…
    • Lots of content creators in this one
    • #Twitter (and many others)
  • Indie World Order πŸ”—
    • Has a cool digital event showcase in a 3D game world
    • Useful jobs board
    • #promote-your-stuff
  • Heiny “Indie” Reimes πŸ”—
    • Posts get shared by the owner, who was ~100K Twitter followers
    • Also has a Jobs board
    • Heiny will analyze your pitch & trailer
    • #share-my-tweet
    • #show-games-here
  • Playing Indies πŸ”—
    • Jobs board
    • #indiegame-showcase
    • #Social-media-sharing
  • IMPRESS πŸ”—
    • by @ashleygwinnell from Presskitty & CoverageBot
    • Good if you need support for these tools
    • #Hype-socials
  • Game Dev Underground πŸ”—
    • full of game developers helping each other
    • #self-promo

There are many other Discords with similar features and where you can promote your game, but remember to always give back. There is no 10% rule like on Reddit, but if you’re an active member of the community, the chance of people engaging with your posts will increase.

Did we forget an obvious Discord to include in our list? DM us on Twitter or use our Contact form!

We hope that you’ve learned something new from this Treasure Trove post and if you did, please consider sharing it through any of the options below and help spread the knowledge!